What We Offer

Ebtkarat Smart Systems professional services provides quality applications satisfying your business needs. We provide a full range of reliable systems integration. Adapting our broden and long experience in designing and implementing system solutions enable us to deliver tailored applications according to our customer needs in diverse factors:

- Project Management and Post production support

- Systems Integration Services

- Training Services

Hereunder are the main projects Ebtkarat has delivered:

ePassport System

A comprehensive issuance system to meet today’s antifraud and counterfeit protection in compliance with ICAO Standards.The system provides an end-to-end solution for the enrollment and production process.

National Identity System

Using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) enabled Smart Card with Fingerprint extract and match algorithm, the National Identity system was built to conquor today's security challenges and authenticity validation.

Civil Registry System

A system that registers the occurance of vital events pertaininng to population; Citizens and Residence. The system produces secured certificates for vital events with business logic engine to provide accurate information related to a person or family to government entities

Smart Card Applications

Migration to Smart Card as a reliable and secure technology has became an inevitable transition for all segments.

Visa Issuance System

To issue secured Visa printed as a sticker upon arrival at the airport with the support of Fingerprint extract and match to avoid forgery.

Mobile Applications

The mobile technology revolution has increased the demand to implement tramendous number of applications serving everyone's needs.