ePassport System

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has developed a global standards for ePassport implementation to faciliate interoperability around the globe. The ICAO standards are based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) techology to ensure data integrity; eliminating data manipulation in addition to, producing non-cloned ePassports through unique data hosted on each ePassport.

PKI technolgy provides security, flexibility, and extensibility that help great deal governments to authenticate ePassport holders with confidence. The PKI implementations are diversed acorss the sectors to confront the main concern of frauds and impersonation.

- The ePassport production and verification method are based on ICAO standards

- System supports BAC (basic Access Control), Passive and Active Authentication. Ready for EAC (Extended Access Control)

- End-to-end software solution from enrolment, validation, approval,  issuing & lifecycle management

- ePassport book includes top niche secure printing features:

   * Integrated RFID chip
  * Hologram on data page

  * Registered Water Mark on all pages
  * Microtext
  * Modern UV design on all pages
  * Fibre Optics on all pages
  * Integlio Printing on cover page
  * OVI on cover page
  * ePassport papers reacts to certain chemicals