National Identity System

Ebtkarat provides National Identity management and issuance system according to Public Key Infrastructure Standards (PKI) to protect the identity of a citizen and to enable governments to implement substantial electronic services according to the mandated security policy being set.

The verification of the digitally-signed personal data, photo and fingerprints hosted on the Natioal ID card ensures that the data are not being altered while the 'secret' data unqiuely generated for each National ID card validates the genuinity of the NID card.

The system offers the following:

- The sole Identity Provider for citizens

- The National ID card hosts personal information, photo, family information -Spouse(s) and children, and the fingerprints of the cardholder

- System utilizes fingerprint verification process to eliminate frauds and impersonation cases highly required during enrollment and post-production identity verification, using the National ID card

- The National ID card includes top niche secure printing features:

  * Contact chip based on ISO7816 standards
  * 3D Hologram
  * Microtext
  * Modern UV design
  * Integlio Printing on cover page
  * OVI on the backside