Civil Registry System

Ebtkarat developed a Civil Registry System to record vital events of people living in a country. Whether they are citizens or residents, the system produced secured certificates after being processed by a business logic engine to validate the relation between people as needed, and to build a comprehensive database for the population.

The system features the following:

- Central database with information on citizens and residence living in a country

- Vital events includes; Births, deaths, marriages, and divorces' certificates

- The foundation for the National Population Census and statistic report engine for population dynamics based on which decision-makers can determine policy formulation, planning and monitoring

- Increases the efficiency of stroing and sharing information between provisional entities

- Seamless integration with the National Identity Provider for authentication purposes

- Certificate printing includes top niche secure printing features;

   * Embossed Seal
   * 2D/3D Hologram
   * Microtext
   * Fibre Optics 
   * OVI
   * UV

   *  Invisible logo
   * Thermochromic Ink