Smart Card Applications

Smart Cards market has witnessed a revolutionary technolgy drift in the past few years and continuous growth with the presentment of Micorprocessor, contactless, and PKI based families. Enabling organization from developing innovative solution satisfying their business needs.

Whether the sector is Public, Financial, Transport or Telecom, Smart Card technology has been the answer to security threaths and impersonation.

Ebtkarat has a team of professionals with substantial experience in desgning and delivering Smart Card solutions ranging from intelligent memory to Microprocessor and PKI enbaled Smart Cards and integration with HSM devices.

Below are some of the applications that can be delivered:

- ePurse application (Online/Offline) payment

- Digital Signature (via Certificate Authority root and issuance) to secure transmitted data and eliminate non repudiation and impersonation

- Driving License / Vehicle Registration

- EFT POS Certification with Acquiring Banks

- Medical Record

- Loyalty application

- RFID Smart Cards applications

The information hosted on the Smart Card (Contact/Contactless) can be read by accepting devices:

- PC/SC readers for PC/Laptop

- eGate

- Kiosk machines

- Handheld Terminals